How can the IB INTENSIVE Program help me? 

Our call for perfection is unparalleled across the industry; our IB INTENSIVE course exists to address the most challenging components of IB questions. We provide intensive IB tutoring by giving you inside knowledge and time-proven strategies that have consistently beaten the national average in all examinations. 

  • Technical mastery – Learn key answering techniques that goes beyond commonplace tips found in IB lecture notes
  • Personalised Programs – Specialised notes and intelligently designed resources by subject experts
  • Perfected Syllabus – Proven strategies to solve the most challenging exam questions
  • Conclusive focus – Courses are geared towards high performance in the shortest time possible
  • 100% Comprehensive – Our predicted questions analysis systematically covers all possible concepts and question types – revise intelligently and effectively


Proven Strategies by Singapore’s top expert tutors

Our tutors are dedicated educators from top universities who spend 100% of their time on their specialized subjects. No one knows the syllabus like we do.


High quality and realistic timed practices – a competitive edge for all students

A good revision strategy, coupled with our timed trials to simulate exam condition, can help to improve time management and subject mastery. This is especially true with knowledge of which chapters and questions to prioritize and which sections to spend time adequately is crucial to scoring well.


IB INTENSIVE (Only available till 31st April) 1